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Google Penguin 2.0 Updates

This the next generation Penguin update. As Google announced new penguin update 2.0, this impacts 2.3% of English queries and also impacts other languages but the percentage depends on the level of spam in those languages.1

The focus was primarily around webspam. Now with Google Penguin update 2.0, the update is specific to the search algorithm of Google

What Is Google Using for Rankings

How to get good SEO results? What is the key factor does Google really use to rank sites?

There are different views.

The Basics

All high ranking sites have in common:


Good content.

clean code

Naturally keywords and links.

Social Media Presence

You can not have good rankings without these factors. You can have a passed W3C validated site with the perfect amount of keywords, good semantics, great designing and To have write content and link to you. You could create social media profiles, add “friends” and post things every day. You could just invest some time and create a site that beats out everyone for top rankings.spending money on SEO it’s not the top factor.Foundation that’s more important to SEO than many people realize.
building online forums and blogs also helps to increase indexing .If you aren’t creating original, interesting content and getting it in front of people, no amount of backlinks will save you anymore.

Your site now needs:

Content that’s interesting, and written by real people.A following on social sites. Mentions of your site in blogs, forums and in articles realy helps to increase ranking and traffic on your site.Get a group of loyal followers and get them talking about you. This will get you miles ahead of paid links on the side of some blog or directory.

Add your pic on Google search results

Step 1: Build Google Plus Account

Step 2: Add rel-“author” on your Google Plus link like

Step 3: Link to your site from Google Plus Contributor Section.

Go to your Google Plus account and click on ‘Edit Profile’. Add your site link on ‘Contributor to’ .

Google panda update

How to succeed after the panda update

Google changed their algorithm, name the “Panda” update, or “Farmer” Update. This update sites in the index, and some people have reported a 50% drop.
In short junk sites and other sites designed to game the search engines were dropped down and “quality” sites were given more traffic. Sites with scraped content were droped in rank while established sites got better results.

There was some damage and some innocents were punished in this update. The hardest hit were sites that are trying to deceive Google like “article sites”. but in good faire sites not getting any less traffic, and not getting anymore.

How to succeed after the panda update

Sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other large sites really increased their traffic.
By creating profiles on these panda friendly sites you can put a link back to your own URL. Don’t spam these sites however, create a profile and become an active member.

According to panda update

No more keyword stuffing

Don’t spam your links on spammy sites.

Keep your content rich and original. Don’t copied content.

Don’t make fake content.

Create profiles at rich social media sites without spamming.

Get good backlinks create content people want to link to.

If you follow these simple things you can get search traffic.

What is Seo

SEO is a process which helps search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn find and rank your site higher than the millions of other websites . SEO thus helps you to get more trafficfrom search engines. Our company covers all the necessary steps which is needed to improve Ranking in Search Engine Optimization.
search engines crawl the Websites to see what is there. This is performed by a help of software, called a spider. Spiders process links from one page to another and index everything they find on their way. Having in mind the number of pages on the Web , not possible for a spider to visit a site daily to see if an existing page has been modified, sometimes crawlers may not end up visiting your site for a month. it will be easier for spider to classify your pages correctly to get higher rankings.
There are various algorithms. Each of these algorithms has different weights for common factors like keyword density, Bccklinks, or metatags. so different search engines give different search results pages for the same search serach string.Major search engines, like Yahoo!, Google, Bing, etc. periodically change their algorithms and if you want to keep at the top, you also need to adapt your pages to the latest changes.For different search engines different factors are important.
Differences between search engines : For Yahoo! and Bing, on-page keyword factors are of primary importance, while for Google links are very, very important. Also, for Google sites are like the older, the better, while Yahoo! generally has no expressed preference towards sites and domains with tradition . Thus you might need more time till your site gets admitted to the top in Google, than in Yahoo!.

Component of increase website traffic

In today’s dynamic business environment, failure to adapt to the ranking in search engines needs may prove to be suicidal for any business . The advancements in technology and changing markets have made it essential for business organizations to increase rank in yahoo,google,msn..etc. This brings website to the key role played in development in a business organization.
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