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How to install zend framework in wamp server

First of all download zend frame work from

than go to your


Make a directory ZendFramework

iN downloaded folder there is two foder one is bin and another is library.

in liberary folder there is ZEND folder

and in bin there is zf.bat file zf.php file

Than put all the download file in it


change your include path in php ini(D:\xampp\apache\bin\php.ini)


include_path = “.;D:\xampp\php\ZendFramework\library;D:\xampp\php\PEAR”

where D:\xampp\php\PEAR is your php.exe path

Now go to your cammand prompt


Create directory myFirstproject

and run zf.bat file

Your zend directory will installed and you will get desire result.

You can check installed zend directories in D:\xampp\php\ZendFramework\bin\myFirstproject

How to get variable value in javascript

How to get variable value in javascript

if you want to get value from query string in javascript

<script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript”>// <![CDATA[
var qrStr =;
var spQrStr = qrStr.substring(1);
var arrQrStr = new Array();
var arr = spQrStr.split(‘&’);

for (var i=0;i<arr.length;i++){
var queryvalue = arr[i].split(‘=’);
queryvalue[1]=queryvalue[1].replace(/%20/g,” “);

// ]]></script>

like if you want to pick
query string value sent successfully

it will return msg value