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Faster Web Hosting Company Factors That Affect SEO

Fastest web Hosting Provider

– Faster website is better for SEO, so you want to stick with a webhosting Company that can provide a fast connection.

Reliable Hosting Company

– web Hosting Provider company should not down frequently, it won’t be spidered and may even be dropped from google and index. All the SEO traffic in the worthless if website is down regularly.

Mod Rewrite Support

– Some Features may help, like as mod_rewrite support for friendly urls that will help speed up your website.

Use of cheap Hosting

– This is a pretty big one, and most providers will give you services free or in very less amount may be free hosting with different packages. It’s well worth if your site is hosted on the same IP as a site that’s spamming or malware affected there is a good chance your site may be punished as well. Don’t take cheap hosting at a small price.Factors at work that will affect your SEO is Fast and reliable hosting . Things you should value in a hosting provider regardless of how it affects your SEO.

Factors That Will Not Affect SEO

Deals with GOOGLE

– No hosting company has a “any Special deal” with Google.

Free SEO Tools

– most of the company use free “SEO tools” . Don’t pay for what you can already get free.


when it comes to web hosting than take speed, reliability, features and static IPs. then start spending your time on the all time best SEO technique.

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