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Google panda update

How to succeed after the panda update

Google changed their algorithm, name the “Panda” update, or “Farmer” Update. This update sites in the index, and some people have reported a 50% drop.
In short junk sites and other sites designed to game the search engines were dropped down and “quality” sites were given more traffic. Sites with scraped content were droped in rank while established sites got better results.

There was some damage and some innocents were punished in this update. The hardest hit were sites that are trying to deceive Google like “article sites”. but in good faire sites not getting any less traffic, and not getting anymore.

How to succeed after the panda update

Sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other large sites really increased their traffic.
By creating profiles on these panda friendly sites you can put a link back to your own URL. Don’t spam these sites however, create a profile and become an active member.

According to panda update

No more keyword stuffing

Don’t spam your links on spammy sites.

Keep your content rich and original. Don’t copied content.

Don’t make fake content.

Create profiles at rich social media sites without spamming.

Get good backlinks create content people want to link to.

If you follow these simple things you can get search traffic.

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