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Google Penguin Updates

How Penguin Proof Your Website

Although you’ve been hit by the “Penguin” or “Panda” updates but surely you’re aware of it’s impact on the websites soon or later. Google is shuffling the algorithms and your website ranking also reshuffling or ranking may be lost .

[Penguin effects on your site]

This was the big dramatic update to the Google algorithm and Google has continued these updates, with increasing frequency.

What happens when there is a big algorithm updates

sites having Spammy are dropped off
Results may be look better
Fresh material comes up

Google is giving a better product to their customers so updates are here to stay. So what should we do ?

we should be joining Google and make changes according to there algorithm. Let’s give them better content.create the best content possible.

1. Stay out of bad links

Don’t use spamming links farms or blog comment spam anymore. Your domain should never be involved in any of this. You should never be put at risk without good reason.

2. Never a good idea to have multiple domains with similar OR same IP

3.Avoide keyword stuffing

Don’t use Keywords Stuffing for increasing keywords ranking never repeat your keywords in site again and again otherwise Google will panelist your site.

4. Push yourself to be better

Seek knowledge, expand your base . The better you become at whatever it is you’re doing the more of an authority you’ll be.

5. Remove Canonical Tag

Tag to tell search engines which version of a url you want crawled or indexed. In theory, this should help with duplicate content issues,

so remove duplicability from the urls.

if site is working with index.php or without index.php than duplicate issue will come and Google crawled multi urls with same contents.

site is working with both WWW and without WWW. than it will also be a duplicate issue.

Stop stuffing keywords and spamming your link everywhere and you can’t lose your business. Use that time to increase the quality of your content. Change your technies that works with search engines and strive to build better content .

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