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Twitter and Facebook Advantages on SEO

Twitter and Facebook Advantages on SEO

Acoording to Bing and Google, Twitter and Facebook can help your search rankings.

Different search engines like Google and Bing have confirmed that these social sites do factor into your web results. For good SEO it is necessary to becoming an influencer.If your site is one that others link to frequently than surely your rankings go up.

If your websites links are frequently “liked” on FaceBook and your tweets are often retweeted, you’ll get more in Social Search, but it’s also likely the links you post you will get some SEO help form there. although Twitter is nofollow links but you can expect some of your links to get some advantage from there. Give out valuable, entertaining or remarkable content that people want, and they will follow. with a good Twitter or Facebook following you can get an extra benefits to your search engine rankings as well.

Optimize Your Facebook Page

Facebook optimize your presence in social upadte your Facebook page up-to-date and relevant to fans. Add photos , Have posts, , add your location, and make sure taht all the current details should be there so that you start building new connections, reaching new fans makes media doesn’t generate the same ROI that other Internet marketing strategies like SEO but according to marketing strategy it is benificial because everyone is involved in social media and more and more social signals are impacting rankings.Also Google+ is effectively integrated with Google search results

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